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    this agreement (the said date of payment is hereinafter called (“the settlement date). 4. PAYMENT . of the purchase price shall be made by Bank cheque or direct credit to . the Vendor’s Bank account, unless otherwise agreed. 5. TITLE . to and risk in the Plant and/or Equipment will only pass to the Purchaser. following payment in full. 6. THE

  • Exhibit 10.22 Flour Purchase Agreement between Bay State

    FLOUR SUPPLY AGREEMENT FLOUR SUPPLY AGREEMENT dated as of August 7, 2002 by and between Bay State Milling Company, a Minnesota corporation ("Bay State"), and American Italian Pasta Company, a Delaware corporation, and its affiliates (together, "AIPC"). WITNESSETH: WHEREAS, AIPC desires to purchase from Bay State at least 80% of the

  • Letter of Intent to Purchase Twill mill

    Trans Textil to purchase all the production capacity of the Facility. The purchase price of such equipment and inventory, together with approximately U.S. $12.5 million previously advanced by Tarrant Mexico to Trans Textil in connection with the development of the Facility, is represented by a promissory note of Trans Textil (the “Note”), the outstanding balance (including accrued


    Seller and this contract, the Offer shall supersede and prevail on the provisions of this contract, although sent prior to the signing of this contract. 1.2. The Seller shall supply the Buyer, free of charge, with the documentation relating to the Machinery.

  • 10+ Equipment Purchase Agreement Examples PDF Examples

    An equipment purchase agreement is an important document you need to provide or ask for when entering into a business transaction, more specifically when you are purchasing an equipment. It helps both parties avoid repercussions with regards to the purchase of an equipment; in times when there is an issue in the equipment, payment and all the

  • Sample Farmer to Company Contract for the Cultivation of

    (2) This contract specifies the terms and conditions under which the Farmers will grow green beans and the Company will promote, purchase, process and market them. 2. The Company agrees: (1) To measure and assess the suitability of the

  • Preview: 'Toll Milling Agreement' Contracts, Agreements

    "AGREEMENT" means this Toll Milling Agreement, as it may be modified or amended from time to time, together with all annexes to it. "BUCKHORN MT. MINE PROPERTIES" means the mining properties held by Crown and/or one or more Affiliates of Crown in Okanogan County, Washington, described in Annex 1 attached hereto.


    This Deed of Agreement is made and entered into on _____ day of _____ 2001. BETWEEN. Organisation XY, an international non-government organisation having its Country Office at _____, represented by its Purchase Committee (here in after called THE PURCHASER which term shall include its successors and assigns) on the one Part.

  • Agreement For Hire Of Machinery Vakilno1

    Mar 05, 2013· 6. If the said machinery is destroyed by fire or lost by theft, all moneys received in respect of such insurance shall be received by the owner, who may apply such moneys either in making good the damage done or in replacing the said machinery by other articles of similar description and quality and such substituted articles shall become subject to hire in the same manner as the articles for

  • 8 Key Features in a Power and Energy Purchase Agreement

    8 Key Features in a Power and Energy Purchase Agreement (PPA) (BOO) contracts for a power generation plant and once the plant is completed the Owner / contractor wishes to sell the power produce to a purchaser or “offtaker” ( normally a state-owned electricity utility) under the terms of a PPA. A PPA generally secures the payment stream

  • Equipment Purchase Agreement

    EQUIPMENT PURCHASE AND SALE AGREEMENT. This Equipment Purchase and Sale Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made this 30 day of November, 2012 (the “Effective Date”), by and between Planar Energy Devices, Inc., a Delaware corporation whose address is 653 W Michigan St., Orlando, FL 32805 (“Seller”) and Oak Ridge Micro Energy incorporated, a Colorado corporation, whose address is 3046 E

  • Manufacturing Agreement Template Word & PDF

    Within these agreements, the Supplier and the Buyer outline their expectations for the manufacture and sale of the goods, as well as the general behavior and bounds of the relationship between them. This Manufacturing Agreement can be used for a Buyer that wishes to make a one-time purchase of goods from a Supplier,

  • Agreement For Hire Of Plant And Equipment

    R1. The owner is the proprietor of the plant and equipment (“equipment”) listed in the schedule to this Agreement (“schedule”). R2. The hirer will hire the equipment specified in the schedule from the owner upon the terms and conditions in this Agreement. Operative Part: 1. HIRE OF PLANT AND EQUIPMENT

  • Equipment Purchase Agreement Free Legal Forms

    EQUIPMENT PURCHASE AGREEMENT. This Agreement is entered into by and between _____,hereinafter “Seller” and _____,hereinafter “Buyer” for the purposes herein stated. For Ten Dollars ($10.00) and other valuable considerations, the receipt and sufficiency of which is hereby acknowledged, the undersigned do hereby covenant, contract and


    AGREEMENT FOR THE SALE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE Made and entered into by and between :- _____(hereinafter called "the Seller") and _____ (herinafter called "the Purchaser") WHEREBY IT IS AGREED AS FOLLOWS :- i. The Seller sells and transfers

  • 44 Simple Equipment Lease Agreement Templates ᐅ TemplateLab

    Companies use a capital equipment rental agreement template to utilize a piece of equipment for a long time or when they want to purchase the said equipment at the end of the agreement. The lessee records any liabilities and assets of the equipment in a balance sheet during the whole lease period.

  • Plant & Equipment Leases Contracts to Hire Business

    This agreement has been drawn to protect the lessor and his asset the machine. This lease is a comprehensive, flexible document suitable for any type of machine or construction plant such as a crane, a cherry picker, a dumper truck or a forklift. This agreement is


    SUPPLIER AGREEMENT STANDARD TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF PURCHASE 1. Terms. The purchase order terms and conditions set forth below, and any terms submitted with a purchase order (collectively, the “P.O. Terms”), are incorporated into the executed supplier agreement (the “Supply Agreement”) between the parties, if any. Acceptance

  • Equipment Rental Agreement Get Free Sample

    21. ENTIRE AGREEMENT. This Agreement, including any exhibits attached hereto and made part hereof, constitutes the entire agreement between Lessor and Lessee with respect of the subject matter hereof. This Agreement supersedes any prior agreements, representations, or


    being the Bidding Company shall be the Seller and shall sign the Power Purchase Agreement; Standard PPA for medium term power procurement under Case -1 The Tata Power Company Ltd 4 E. The Parties hereby agree to execute this Power Purchase Agreement setting out the terms and conditions for the sale of power up to the Aggregate Contracted

  • Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) (Example 5) Public

    Agreement outlines the basic provisions commonly found in power purchase agreements in international private power projects. It is prepared as a document to raise issues for discussion and to be used to assist in preparation of country-specific agreements.

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